Press Release

The European Union has granted 3.7 million euro toward the promotion of young researchers who wish to obtain a PhD. The Project, called CI NERGY will provide eleven young people the opportunity to qualify for doctoral studies in the area of Smart City research. Selection will take place in December. The Project is coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, which has now brought the second international graduate program to Stuttgart within just a few years, making obtaining a doctoral degree at a college possible. The Graduate Program will also work on energy efficiency and renewable energy for cities of the future. The young researchers will be working with a well-endowed scholarship in six of Europe's best Smart City-research centres and four leading companies in the field of energy and software technology. Locations include Stuttgart, where the lead Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology has its headquarters, Munich (Siemens AG), Karlsruhe (European Institute for Energy Research, University of Karlsruhe), Nottingham (University of Nottingham), Vienna (Wien Energie GmbH and AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH), Turin (Politecnico di Torino), Lausanne (Ecole Polytechnique) and Dublin (National University of Ireland). The results from this European research network will be the development of software tools for sustainable urban energy concepts, which will provide city planners information about opportunities for the energy efficient restructuring of cities. The costs and CO2-savings potential of building renovation and the conversion to a renewable energy supply will be also included. New possibilities of using information technology for improving the synchronisation between consumption and fluctuating renewable energy generation will be researched extensively. Three-dimensional city modelling will provide urban decision-making support for long- and short-term goals and help identify funding options alongside technical solutions. The cities of Vienna and Geneva have also signed on as partners and made their cities available for the application and testing of the software tools. Regularly scheduled doctorate seminars will be held in both cities and at each of the partner locations in the network, bringing together the candidates throughout Europe.