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Invitation to the Final CI-NERGY Outreach Event

After seven successful training modules and outreach activities, the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions CI-NERGY Initial Training Network and its partners are pleased to announce the eighth and final outreach event, workshops and conference taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, 27 and 28 September, 2017



The “CI-NERGY, Smart cities with sustainable energy systems” Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) invite you to a scientific workshops and final networking event on: City case studies applications and results

Application of results to case studies: Urban energy system optimisation, smart city network operation and fault detection, model validation, urban energy strategic planning


CI-NERGY: sustainable urban energy planning in focus

The EU project CI NERGY explored sustainable urban energy concepts. As part of CI NERGGY developing innovative planning tools eleven PhD students and three postdocs was promoted worldwide in the past three years. In one of AIT organized final event on February 24 at the TU Vienna the young researchers now presented the results of their work. At the same time the event professional public provided the opportunity to learn about the latest findings and discuss research needs for the future.

Vienna, Austria 24th Februay 2017

Location: @TU Wien Vienna


7th Training Module Vienna Case Study result workshops on district heating and cooling

Vienna, Austria 16th – 24th Februay 2017

Training Location: @TU Wien Vienna


Interactive optimization for urban energy system planning


In the framework of the European CINERGY project, an interactive and multi-criteria optimization tool is being developed. It aims to support decision making in early-stage urban planning, where multiple sectors, scales and actors are involved, by revealing and quantifying tradeoffs and synergies.

6th Training Module Energy Storage & PolyGeneration

Turin, Italy 13th – 21st October 2016

Training Location: @Polytechnic University of Turin


Urban Energy Systems Summer School “A collaboration between The City University of New York and CI-NERGY”

New York, USA 2nd – 10th June 2016

Training Location: @ASRC 85 St Nicholas Terrace, CUNY


The International Panel on Urban Energy Systems - Challenges and Solutions for Zero Carbon Cities

New York, USA 2nd June 2016

Training Location: @ German House, 871 United Nations Plaza New York, NY


5th Training Module Energy Management and Grid Integration

Dublin, Ireland 12st – 20th May 2016

Training Location: @University College Dublin


Midterm Report of the CI-NERGY Project

The Midterm report demonstrates the project achievements in relation to the initial objectives. All major milestones that fall within the reporting period have been reached and no major deviations from the Gantt chart plan have been experienced. Per the Informal Guidelines for the Midterm Review, the contents of this report include an overview of: 1. Management Activities; and 2. Training and Scientific Quality; and 3. Communications, Networking and Transfer of Knowledge.


4th Training Module Urban Scale Physical Modelling / ITN Mid-Term Review

Nottingham, UK 1st – 9th October 2015

Training Location: @Unniversity of Nottingham


3rd Training Module Urban Energy Databases, GIS Systems

Stuttgart, Germany 16th – 24th April 2015

Training Location: @HFT Stuttgart, EIFER/EDF (Karlsruhe)


2nd Training Module Energy Technology and Systems

Vienna, Austria 9th -17th October 2014

Training Location: TUW, AIT, WIENE, City of Vienna


1st Training Module Software Engineering and Urban Modelling

Geneva, 24th of March -1st of April 2014

Training Location: Architecture, Engineering and Landscaping University of Geneva, Rue de la Prairie 4 CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland


The CI-NERGY project kick off meeting was held on 9/10 December 2013 in Stuttgart.


HFT is awarded contract for an international Smart City Graduate Program


The European Union has granted 3.7 million euro toward the promotion of young researchers who wish to obtain a PhD. The Project, called CI NERGY will provide eleven young people the opportunity to qualify for doctoral studies in the area of Smart City research.